Lend me some suga', I am your neighber (kinkyangel) wrote,
Lend me some suga', I am your neighber

lol lol Two-faced Mo-Fo

well, i was guilt-tripped and tricked into getting yet another costume, one that i will wear after work, late at night in IV.... but i will take LOTS of pictures!

for work i am wearing this:

and for the after hours when apparently it will be drizzling i'll wear this:

coz after all, wearing that late at night makes much more sense then wearign actual clothes! and if worse comes to worse, i'll just wear it next year!

anyways, finished The Godfather in FilmStudies, while i loved the movie.. my goodness i thought i was going to puke, cry, laugh, die throughout the movie... espically get sick.. that was a biggie...but it is a good movie and despite all that i felt, i watn to see the sequals.... which i own! movie night!

anyways, i'm so bored, i had my midterm for Guitar... failed, i got a B- on my film sts 104 paper... wow i pulled it off! i passed that paper! anyways.. i'm tired, i worked now i'm going to bed...

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cute hotpants!
and what about those platforms...i'd be an embarrassing moment waiting to happen in those :)
yea i still have no idea what shoes i am going to wear for either costume! considering i'll be working for 10 hours and after walkign around IV.... and the hotpants aren't hotpants they are a little more than a thong in the back.. what have i gotten myself into?
lol...oh dear :)
I love your costumes. I personally would probably look horrible in both. :)
you would probablly look sooo stunning in them!! you'll see in the pictures i post of how horrible i look in them...
I can only imagine how nice those are gonna look.
you wont have to imagine for long, coz come next week, or the week after i'm posting the pics!
sweet geezus of the nazarene...
thank you.
aww, i love the first costume. but there both cool.
yes, they are super duper awesome, i dont look as good as those models look in them but oh well, you do what ya can.
god damn!!!
you will have to email me all the pics not suitable for LJ
you will look stunning!
I'm so sorry I missed those because I was sick and it was raining. But I'm sure the pics will make up for it! Nobody liked my costume. Well, one person. The guy at the Jehova's Witness table at school thought I was an "actor".