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If i could turn back time...

Last night was fucking awesome! I hung out with jamie and Kelly for most the day, i feel bad coz i took a long ass time in the shower [as i always do,] so Kelly and I were late to meet Jamie downtown. I bought some cute underwear at my work, which made me super happy! We met up with Dan at jamies work [northstar] and talked for an hour, then Dan went back to work, came back an hour later or more and Jamie, myself and i were still talking, it didn't even feel like it was more than 20 mins, but to find out it was over an hour blew my mind. Well, Dan, myself, Kelly and Jamie went to see "The Butterfly Effect" which is so awesome, Dan got me in for free: THANK YOU DAN! i really want to go see it again, this morning i woke up with a bloody nose so i started flipping out that it was happening to me, but nothing that cool ever happens to me. Devin and i need to go see it, he would be so entertaining. Anyways... I'm in an e-mail war, i'll update more later.
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O.O BLAH >.< I hope your not talking about the jamie I know.. or use to know.. but would much rather forget?? Please, not that jamie?